2023 BT TE

2023 Team Edition /// Simmer Blacktip

€900.00 €800.00

2023 Blacktip Team Edition

The Blacktip Team Edition

Tomas Persson and the design team started this project with the idea to make the Blacktip even better for competitions, without thinking about commercial needs. The objective was to see how far it was possible to push the design, using new and lighter materials and as few components as possible. Using reversed engineering concepts the design team broke down a Blacktip into the very smallest components and reassembled it using as few parts as possible, and in the process replacing scrims with new lighter scrims, reducing the layers of reinforcement to the bare minimum. The result is a sail that not only is lighter, but it feels much lighter and more reactive in your hands. Alessio Stillrich has been using these sails in Pozo all summer, testing and torturing them to the very limit, and the feedback has been outstanding. The creative fire that these sails lit within our team made us want to share these semi-custom designs with our customers in a limited production of less than 300 sails. Less is more.

Performance-wise the Blacktip TE is not only more reactive and lighter but we have made the short boom shorter and the outline more compact than the current production Blacktip. This creates a quicker reaction in rotations due to reduced swing weight. This is a pure competition sail, so it requires a more active sailing style compared to a Blacktip, but it will allow you to push your maneuvers even further than before.

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