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Simmer Blackbird Foil

€1,750.00 €1,650.00

The Blackbird is a freeride foil that is designed for early, quick take off and ease to use. The 85 CM high pre-preg carbon mast provides ultra stable gliding. In light to medium wind it provides incredibly performance for beginners to intermediate wind foilers. The pre-preg carbon mast and wings provide maximum stability for the best riding experience possible. The Blackbird foils are designed for cruising, amazing easy of use. Cruising, carving, jibing is the name of the game.

– Stable
– Early planing
– Quick take off
– Great control

Mast // 850 mm
Front Wing // 790 mm
Tail Wing // 450 mm
Box // Deep Tuttle

Mast // Pre-Preg Carbon
Wings // Pre-Preg Carbon
Fuselage // Alu

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